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You can also release your own songs - in 5 steps! - By Anurag Dixit

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

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Pop star, FL Studio power user, Founder Musicology & award winning music educator Anurag Dixit tells us how to produce music which sounds like 'Radio-Ready' and how to release it:

Do you know the most exciting thing about digital age? - If you can produce your music, you can easily start sharing it on hugely popular platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc. You can also get your songs released on platforms like Apple music, Spotify, Amazon music, Saavn, Shazam, Gaana etc.

Now the main task for a musician is to produce a professionally sounding recording. If you can 'produce' a great track, you can start sharing it with global audience.

However, it has become comparatively easier to produce professional recordings, all thanks to technological advancement but it is still a major task to put everything together and produce music which sounds like a 'record'. If you follow this 5 step process, it will become much easier for you to achieve this goal:

1. Pick cover songs OR Write & compose original songs : You can start with a cover version (recording previously released songs by other artists). If you are more serious about music you should also record original songs. You can write/compose on your own or get it done by a professional songwriter.

Anurag Sir's Pro tip: Doing cover versions may sound like a good idea because it's easy. But you should remember that you can not monetize cover songs (you can not earn money from covers, all money goes to the original copyright owner). And people including industry professionals, media, critics etc. don't take you seriously. In the longer run, original work is what takes you far.

Writing original songs is easy if you learn music theory and at least one instrument properly. After that, you can also do a specialized course in songwriting-composition.

Anyone who hasn't learned any instrument & songwriting can start learning in my online master class courses. Check out Instruments courses & Songwriting course

2. Song arrangement: Arrangement is a process in which you decide the 'genre/style' of the song. Then you plan different sections of the song - how each section will be played, which instruments will be used and who will play them. Planning all above tasks in detail, from start to finish is called 'song arrangement'.

Anurag Sir's Pro tip: If you have learned an instrument properly and if you know the tools of 'songwriting' you can easily arrange your song yourself. If not, you can hire a professional arranger.

If you don't know how to arrange a song, start learning in my online master class courses. Check out Instruments courses & Songwriting course

3. Sequencing & programming music: Putting your arrangement ideas onto a sequencing software timeline is called 'sequencing'. This also involves programming music within the software ( you program the music then the software plays it )

Anurag Sir's Pro tip: It's easy to learn music programming & sequencing if you have right kind of guidance. It's always good if you can play an instrument and know your music theory. It will help you in programming and sequencing. Most popular software for music sequencing & programming are 'FL Studio', 'Ableton Live', 'Cubase', 'Protools', 'Reason', 'Studio one', 'Cakewalk', 'Sonar', 'ACID Pro' etc.

If you want to learn music programming & sequencing, join my online music production course and learn it within 4 months. Join Musicology pro Music Production course

4. Audio recording: When your sequencing is done, it's time to record audio like vocals, guitars, bass, violin, flute etc. depending on your choice of instruments.

Anurag Sir's Pro tip: Any type of audio recording should be done strictly in a 'sound proof' environment with proper sound absorption. That's why you should always prefer recording audio in a proper studio. If you plan to record in a 'home studio' environment, make sure proper sound absorption and sound proofing is done. Most popular software for audio recording are 'FL Studio', 'Ableton Live', 'Cubase', 'Protools', 'Reason', 'Studio one', 'Cakewalk', 'Sonar', 'ACID Pro' etc.

4. Mixing & Mastering: These are actually two different stages. Mixing is actually processing the audio signal in such a way so that all different instruments and vocals 'sound clear' but at the same time 'sit well together' or 'sound glued together. When you have a clear mix ready, you have to 'master' it for further clarity and sound enhancement. Mastering is giving your mix a 'polished' sheen.

Anurag Sir's Pro tip: Mixing & mastering takes a great deal of technical knowledge and experience. You should start learning mixing as early as possible so that you can eventually start mixing your own songs. But initially you should hire a professional mixing engineer. For mixing & mastering you can use the same software which are used for recording.

Audio recording, Mixing & Mastering all are included in my online Music Production course

When you are ready with your 'master recording', it's time to create your own youtube channel, Instagram TV (IGTV) & Facebook page. Start sharing your music, build up a fan-following and become a star!

You can also get your songs released on platforms like Apple music, Spotify, Amazon music, Saavn, Shazam, Gaana etc. In that case you have to pay a certain fee which is very reasonable. These platforms review the quality of your recording & content. If everything is in place, your songs will finally appear-well, everywhere!



If the above process of producing 'professional' sounding songs stills seems like a lot of work, you can contact STUDIO MUSICOLOGY. Studio Musicology offers affordable packages for getting your songs written, composed, arranged, recorded and mixed-mastered by professionals. Studio Musicology will also help you to get your songs released. Sounds like a good idea? Then CLICK HERE to get more details or Call STUDIO MUSICOLOGY at 9899685820


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Since 2003, Anurag has trained thousands of students through his internationally renowned institute 'Musicology'. His students include MTV artists, industry professionals, professional band members & music teachers in India and abroad.

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