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Improve your vocal range & power, Learn mic technique, Develop your unique style, Develop your stage presence, Prepare for auditions, Prepare impressive set-list, Learn to manage your music career, Personal guidance & music industry insights from Anurag Dixit



Musicology Vocal Studio ‘PRO’ – Anurag Dixit’s extremely popular course for professional singing   

Do you feel your voice doesn’t work every time while performing or recording? Do you feel your voice is not as powerful as pro singers? Do you feel you have difficulty singing high or low notes?

This Power packed, short term program will give you instant success! Within weeks, it will solve your problems and it will turn you into a powerful, all round performer

Anurag will teach you professional techniques & secrets so that you can improve your voice’s power, range, flexibility & tone- within weeks.

You will learn secrets that only pro singers know. You will also learn to develop a unique singing style, preparing powerful stage performances and preparing yourself for auditions. With the course you will also get Anurag’s best seller book- Step out of the bathroom and get on the stage – What professional singers know that bathroom singers don’t!

      This course enables you to:

  • Sound like a professional singer

  • Sing effectively under challenging conditions – live performances, auditions & competitions

  • Develop your voice as a well-toned instrument, ready for professional use

  • Take your vocal range, vocal strength, stamina & flexibility to the ‘Pro’ level

  • Master microphone techniques

  • Express & communicate better with your voice

  • Master techniques for live performances & auditions

  • Use effective improvisation

  • Understand the basics of recording & cutting your EP/albums

  • equip yourself with the best & latest in music industry

Course Details

01: How music industry works and how to get successful as a singer- Professional secrets & insights, only a renowned, Pro Artist like Anurag can give you

02: Types of singers. Introduction to secret skills that only ‘Pro’ singers know and develop

03: Understanding of different stages in singing. How t o boost performance in each stage

04: Anatomy of singing. Professional secrets to use your anatomy to maximum output in singing

05: How to develop power & strength in your voice

06: How to increase your singing range

07: How  to improve loudness, flexibility & tone

08: How to make your voice work anytime, everytime

09: Warm up exercises & scales for your daily practice

10: Professional microphone techniques. Studio ‘condenser’ mic & live ‘dynamic’ mic

11: How to develop your unique, signature style

12: How to develop a magnetic stage presence

13: How to maintain a powerful practice routine –just like Pro singers

14: How to prepare for auditions & performances

15. Introduction to song recording, how to prepare your EP, album or youtube videos

Course Details

Q. What are the eligibility criteria or requirements to join this course?

Ayone above 12 years can join. You need to have basic singing skills. You have to visit us or send us a recorded sample of your singing (simple recording through your phone). If you meet the basic criteria, you can join.

Q. Do I need to have an instrument? I don’t know how to play an instrument?

For the course, it’s not compulsory to know / have an instrument. For practice, we will give you professionally recorded MP3 tracks.

Q. I want to learn a music instrument so that I can accompany myself. What should I do?

For Vocal studio ‘Pro’ students, we offer crash courses (Short term courses. If you join both courses together (Vocal studio ‘Pro’ + instrument) you will get a special discount.

Q.  Do the classes happen on weekends?

Yes. We have both options for weekends & weekdays

Q. Is it compulsory to attend once a week class?

No, each course has a certain total number of hours. Normal schedule is once in a week, one hour class. You can also attend 2-3 hours class depending on the available slots. You can complete total number of hours with a flexible schedule.

Q. What’s included in my fee?

Apart from the classroom instructions, you will get  Anurag Dixit’s best-seller book on professional singing (soft copy or hard copy as per availability). This book contains all main topics included in Anurag’s best-selling vocal coaching program. Material will also include worksheets for revision.

Q. I don’t live in Delhi-NCR. How can I join?

We can give you daily classes so that you can complete the course in one or two weeks. We can help you get a hostel or PG facility. Many of our students are outstation students. We can also work out a distant learning class through Skype or video call.


Q. I already have some kind of background in singing. What should I do?

You can visit us or call us for a short assessment. After talking to you, we will suggest an option suitable for you. You can join an advance level course if you are eligible.



Sarvagya, Singer-songwriter

After joining Anurag sir’s music production course I have become very confident. He has a very different perspective towards everything he teaches. He not only gives you in-depth knowledge but he also educates you about facts which are helpful in getting successful. I like his ‘Bull’s eye’ concept along with other approaches he uses to teach. For example, in the very first music production class, I learned how the professional artists actually work, using the song structures & song elements. That’s the reason I joined three courses simultaneously.

Student, PRO vocals, music production, songwriting course

Kushal Sethi, MTV Artist, Singer-songwriter, New Delhi

I’ve been to all music schools in Delhi and I find Musicology the best! Anurag Sir is great; he is very knowledgeable and very experienced. You can learn a lot from him, I try to grasp everything he shares in the class, probably the best teacher I have ever come across in eighteen years.

Student- Pro Vocal, Songwriting Course

Garima Bathla, Singer

Learning from a renowned artist like Anurag sir is a unique experience. He shares a lot of wisdom. After doing the course, I have felt a significant change in my voice and stage presence. Anurag sir’s tips about music industry have helped a lot. Now I’m learning music production also.

Student PRO vocals & Music production

Pranjli, Singer-songwriter

Anurag sir is a renowned artist & a power user of FL Studio. Learning music production & FLStudio from the power user himself was a real experience.

Student, PRO vocals, music production, songwriting course


Here I have Developed a unique singing Style to plan for an impressive stage performance and to promote myself as a musician

Student- PRO Vocals

Pritish Kapoor, Musician / Drummer, Oxford university, UK

Anurag sir is my god for me because if Anurag sir wasn’t my teacher I don’t think I would have fallen for music, he is the best.

Student, PRO Vocals & Drums courses

Vinayak Arora, Singer-songwriter

I learned how to generate song ideas that are more appealing to people. How the songs are structured and how to use different phrasing ideas, scale modes and ragas just like the industry professionals. Class discussions with Anurag sir was icing on the cake.

Student, Pro Vocals, Songwriting, Guitar courses

Pankaj, singer-songwriter

I’m from Moradabad and I used to come to Anurag sir’s classes every week. Being a renowned musician, Anurag sir has a different take on things. His ‘Bull’s eye’ and ‘Creating the pull’ concepts have been very useful. In music production I learned how pro artists actually work on songs. I also learned how to record and mix cover versions as I wanted good sounding songs for my youtube channel. I learned how to give my compositions a polished sound. I also joined PRO vocals & keyboard PRO courses. I have just uploaded my songs which I entirely produced at home and I’m getting 800+ likes on facebook everyday.

Student, PRO vocals, music production, songwriting course

Garvit Jain

I have learn proper mic technique and now my voice sounds professional.

Student- PRO Vocals

Sarthak Semwal

Joining Musicology Pro Lesson having good experience with learning advance Vocal and singing styles. I feel Remarkable change in my voice within a short period of time. 

Vocal Studio Pro "Professional Singing"

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