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Music business

How to start a band that works in longer run, How to professionally manage your band, How to manage your music career, How to prepare agreements & legal documents, How to get gigs. Personal guidance & music industry insights from Anurag Dixit




Musicology Music Biz Wiz : Anurag Dixit’s extremely popular course for music  promotion and band management

Anurag Dixit’s is one of the most popular musicians in India. Multi award winner singer-songwriter-composer has toured across the country, released best seller albums on Universal music & Times music, and he’s got several hits on MTV. Having trained thousands of students & artists since 2003, Anurag is the best person to teach you how to start and maintain a successful career in music. His students include MTV Artists, Industry musicians, sound engineers & music teachers.


Do you find it difficult to start a band and get it going? Or do you find it difficult to establish and promote yourself as an artist? Do you want to create an image that attracts followers and critics alike? Or Do you you already have a band but you don’t know how to run it efficiently?  As an artist or band, how to get shows and get paid? How to avoid problems and challenges which might end your music career?

This Power packed, short term program will give you instant success! Within weeks, it will solve all your music career issues and help you establish yourself as a serious artist or band.

Learn professional secrets from a seasoned, pro artist like Anurag Dixit

In this course, you will learn – how to start your band, how to manage it efficiently, how to get gigs & shows and how to get paid. How to establish an image that attracts audience, followers, critics & media

You will also learn how the music industry works and how you can carve a niche for yourself

Get your band and music career up & running, join Musicology music Biz wiz now!


Q. What are the eligibility criteria or requirements to join this course?

Anyone above 14 years can join. If you are an amateur musician or a music student or you already have a band, you can join. Solo artists who want to make a career in music or music enthusiasts willing to take music as a career option can also join.

Q. I want to make music my career but I don’t have any background in music. What should I do?

In that case, you can join other courses like music production, Guitar, keyboard or drums course. You can also join Vocal studio ‘Pro’, a very useful course for serious singers.

Q. If I join a professional course with a crash course in instrument, which professional course should I join?

You can join music production or songwriting course.

Q.  Do the classes happen on weekends?

Yes. We have both options for weekends & weekdays

Q. Is it compulsory to attend once a week class?

No, each course has a certain total number of hours. Normal schedule is once in a week, one hour class. You can also attend 2-3 hours class depending on the available slots. You can complete total number of hours with a flexible schedule.

Q. What’s included in my fee?

Apart from the classroom instructions, you will get Anurag Dixit’s book on music business (soft copy or hard copy as per availability). This book contains all main topics in Anurag’s best-selling music business program. Material will also include worksheets for revision.

Q. I don’t live in Delhi-NCR. How can I join?

We can give you daily classes so that you can complete the course in one or two weeks. We can help you get a hostel or PG facility. Many of our students are outstation students. We can also work out a distant learning class through Skype or video call.

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