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Songwriters' Cafe

Write lyrics like hit songs, Compose Music like hit songs, Enhance melody and harmony, Learn secrets of professional songwriters, Personal guidance & music industry insights from Anurag Dixit 



Musicology songwriter’s cafe: Anurag Dixit’s extremely popular course for songwriting & composition  

Anurag Dixit’s has written & composed several songs which were MTV hot favorites, number one on charts and won prestigious awards. Now  you can learn professional secrets of composing & writing popular songs from Anurag himself!


Do you find it difficult to start writing a song? Or do you find it difficult to finish a song? Do you want to write lyrics that people can connect with? Or Do you find yourself clueless about composing a melody? Do you feel your lyrics are not catchy or appealing like the hit songs? Or do you want to compose melodies that people love to hum for years?   

This Power packed, short term program will give you instant success! Within weeks, it will solve all your songwriting issues and turn your musical ideas into great songs. Songs that are catchy, melodious and appealing-just like the hit songs! 

Learn professional secrets from a seasoned, pro artist like Anurag Dixit

In this course, you will learn – how to write powerful lyrics so that your audience can connect with your songs ,

how to compose melodies which the audience wants to listen on repeat 

and how to use harmony to spice it all up!

Write and compose catchy, powerful songs that sound like hits-–Join Musicology songwriters’ café  now!


       This course enables you to:

  • Master 3 modules of songwriting – (1) Lyrics (2) Melody and (3) Harmony 

  • Write better lyrics using professional methods. Use better phrasing, song structures, song ideas rhyme structures and several other techniques which professional songwriters use as ‘secrets’. 

  • Write lyrics that demand your audience’s attention 

  • Compose melodies that your audience wants to hear again & again. Apply techniques used by professional composers & hit-makers. 

  • Compose tunes using ‘pro’ secretslike ‘Phrasing’, ‘repetition’, ‘neighboring & passing notes’ etc 

  • Make effective use of scales & modes in melody making 

  • Compose rhythm / harmony that establish your song 

  • Use ‘pro’ techniques like ‘building song sections’, ‘progressions’, ‘creating contrast’ & ‘harmonic variations’ etc. 

Module 01: Melody composition

  1. How music industry works and how to get successful as a composer-songwriter- secrets & insights, only a renowned, Pro Artist like Anurag can give you

  2. Basic concepts of melody composition

  3. Fundamentals of music theory. Formation of scales

  4. Different types of scales and how to use different scales in different situations

  5. Most popular Indian Raags. Formation of Raags & composing melodies using Raags

  6. Understanding song structure & song sections

  7. Understanding phrasing and how  to use it in melody composition

  8. Call & response and its use in composition

  9. Rhythm of melody

  10. Melody on chords and chord changes

  11. Melody across & against different sections

  12. Introduction to modes

  13. Tips & tricks  


Module 02: Harmony composition 

  1. Basic concepts of harmony composition

  2. Fundamentals of harmony construction

  3. Creating grooves

  4. Harmony colors and variations of colors

  5. key colors used by professional musicians

  6. Progressions in major & minor keys as used by professional musicians

  7. Rhythm variations in progressions

  8. Pitch variations in progressions

  9. Modulation & ways to change keys in songs

  10. Building song sections

Module 03: Lyric writing

  1. Basic concepts of lyric writing. Fundamentals of structuring songs

  2. How to generate ideas for writing songs-just like the pros do

  3. How to write lyrics that breath, live, emote and connect-just like the hit songs

  4. How to set up the plot. How to detail out the plot

  5. How to set up phrasing

  6. How to set up rhyming

  7. How to write verse & chorus- just like the pros do

  8. How to use contrast writing

  9. Pyramiding technique in songwriting

  10. Tips & tricks

Course Details
Course Details

Q. What are the eligibility criteria or requirements to join this course?

Anyone above 14 years can join. You need to have a basic background in music. We suggest you join one of ‘instruments crash courses’ (Guitar or Keyboard) before joining songwriting course.

Q. I already write songs, do I still need to learn an instrument?

If you have mastery over an instrument, you can join songwriting course right away.  If you cannot play an instrument, it is best to join our crash course in your choice of instrument.

Q. I want to learn a music instrument so that I can write songs more confidently. What should I do?

For songwriting students, we offer crash courses (Short term courses). If you join both courses together (Songwriting + instrument) you will get a special discount.

Q. Which instrument would be best for songwriting?

Guitar or keyboard would be best to learn for songwriting.

Q.  Do the classes happen on weekends?

Yes. We have both options for weekends & weekdays

Q. Is it compulsory to attend once a week class?

No, each course has a certain total number of hours. Normal schedule is once in a week, one hour class. You can also attend 2-3 hours class depending on the available slots. You can complete total number of hours with a flexible schedule.

Q. What’s included in my fee?

Apart from the classroom instructions, you will get Anurag Dixit’s book on songwriting (soft copy or hard copy as per availability). This book contains all main topics in Anurag’s best-selling songwriting  program. Material will also include worksheets for revision.

Q. I don’t live in Delhi-NCR. How can I join?

We can give you daily classes so that you can complete the course in one or two weeks. We can help you get a hostel or PG facility. Many of our students are outstation students. We can also work out a distant learning class through skype or video call.

Q. I already have some kind of background in songwriting. What should I do?

There are three modules in songwriting course-Melody, harmony and lyrics. You can join any one or two modules of your choice, instead of joining entire course.



Kushal Sethi, MTV Artist, Singer-songwriter

Songwriting classes with Anurag sir were very helpful. In fact I applied the techniques on my song ‘ Nai Duniya‘ which was released on MTV. From generating song ideas to make songs memorable, Anurag sir shared knowledge which was truly enlightening. I learned How professional musicians use techniques which enhance the melody, structure and lyrics of the songs.

Student, songwriting course, music production, PRO vocals

Vinayak Arora, Singer-songwriter

I learned how to generate song ideas that are more appealing to people. How the songs are structured and how to use different phrasing ideas, scale modes and ragas just like the industry professionals. Class discussions with Anurag sir was icing on the cake.

Student, Songwriting, vocals & Guitar courses

Jatin Katyal, Musician / Drummer, Mumbai

The course was divided in three parts-Melody, Lyrics & harmony and Anurag sir taught us the tricks hit songwriters use. How the rhyming structure works, how different modes and chords create different musical flavors. The lyrics part was very interesting and we also analyzed hit songs. It was so much information that I can’t write everything down here.

Student, Songwriting, Drums & Guitar courses

Monika, Singer-songwriter

Songwriting course is amazing. I have learn creative ideas which makes it so easy and the same time very effective.

Student- Songwriting, PRO Vocals

Pranjli, Singer-songwriter

Anurag sir is a renowned artist & a power user of FL Studio. Learning music production & FL Studio from the power user himself was a real experience.

Student, songwriting courses, music production, PRO vocals course

Pankaj, Singer-songwriter

I’m from Moradabad and I used to come to Anurag sir’s classes every week. Being a renowned musician, Anurag sir has a different take on things. His ‘Bull’s eye’ and ‘Creating the pull’ concepts have been very useful. In music production I learned how pro artists actually work on songs. I also learned how to record and mix cover versions as I wanted good sounding songs for my youtube channel. I learned how to give my compositions a polished sound. I also joined PRO vocals & keyboard PRO courses. I have just uploaded my songs which I entirely produced at home and I’m getting 800+ likes on facebook everyday.

Student, songwriting courses, music production, PRO vocals course

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