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What you can't learn from others or Youtube

Anurag Dixit is one of the most popular musicians in India. Anurag has 7 MTV hot favorite songs, he is a ‘Universal music’ & ‘Times music’ signed artist. He won ‘Best singer’ award, beating singers like Honey Singh & Kailash Kher. Anurag is the only power user of FL Studio, world’s most popular music making application.

The good news! If you are serious about music, you can learn personally from Anurag. Since 2003, through his Musicology lessons, Anurag has trained thousands of students. His students include MTV Artists, Industry musicians, sound engineers & music teachers.

With a very successful career in professional music and with his vast experience in music education, Anurag is the best person to guide you in music. Whether you want to train your voice professionally, start producing & mixing music, want to launch a successful YouTube channel or want to learn the tricks of music business, Anurag is the best person to look up to for guidance.

If you are serious about music, join a crash course from Anurag Dixit now.

Founder’s Notes 

Most people can't make it in the music industry. The reason is they don't have the right guidance. Cracking music industry is just like cracking IIT or IAS. You need right guidance and you need to plan and prepare. I call it 'solving a Jigsaw puzzle'. I have solved this puzzle and I'm ready to share the road-map of success which I learned through over a decade. What I learned in 15 years, you can learn in weeks. We will have condensed lessons, some really enlightening facts, some very interesting chit chat and along the way, you will realize you have become a different person - and making it in music business is not as difficult as it seems!

So if  you're ready for the ride, come on-board! 

Anurag Dixit

Singer | Songwriter

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