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5 Secrets that professional singers know and bathroom singers don't - By Anurag Dixit

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

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Pop star, FL Studio power user, Founder Musicology & award winning music educator Anurag Dixit shares the secrets used by professional singers:

1. Breath support: Pro singers work a lot on their breath support.

Anurag Sir's Pro tip: "When you practice, try holding a not for as long as you can. This will improve your breath support. In my online masterclass, I teach extensive breath-support techniques which are very useful for developing a strong,louder singing voice. Anyone who is serious about singing can join my online masterclass."

2. Singing with diaphragm support: Pro singers learn how to 'activate' the diaphragm muscle which makes voice stronger & louder. It also improves range.

Anurag Sir's Pro Tip: "When you sing, try to concentrate on your lower abdominal muscles (below your belly button) and feel as if you are singing from your lower abdominal area (lower stomach). There are several other 'advanced techniques' to activate the diaphragm which I teach in my online master class."

3. Unique singing style: Pro singers never copy others' singing style. They have their own 'signature' singing style. A unique, signature singing style can be developed with right guidance & practice.

Anurag Sir's Pro Tip: "Whatever you are singing, try singing it multiple times. Take a song and sing it 5 to 10 times, or even more. Gradually you will start making your own variations in the song. Keep doing the same exercise until you develop a unique style of your own. If you are more curious abut developing this skill, join my online masterclass in which I explain 10 short-cuts that will make it super easy for you to develop your own unique style- in no time!"

4. Improvisation skills: You can stand out from the crowd if you have great improvisation skills. It's one of the key skills required to impress music critics, judges and the audience.

Anurag Sir's Pro Tip: "When you practice songs, try to add vocal runs / alaaps in the beginning, musical break or the ending part of a song. Record your practice sessions so that you can memorize the improvised parts."

5. Having a professional mentor: This is the biggest secret for achieving success in any field and this is where most of the people fail. If you closely observe successful artists, sportsmen or entrepreneurs, you will find that they always have a mentor who has already achieved success in that particular field. If you want to learn music properly, learn from a mentor who has already made it in music.

Anurag Sir's Pro Tip: "Do not further delay your music success! If you are reading this, you've already found a mentor you can count on! I am always open to share my knowledge and experience with music lovers & aspiring musicians. I had no money or connections or godfathers when I started my music career. It was through sheer determination & hard work that I achieved my goals - Several songs released on MTV, my albums were signed by Universal music, Times music, Crescendo music and FL Studio featuring me as a power user! And since 2003 I have shared my experience with thousands of students- through my academy, Musicology. Serious music lovers, immediately join my online master class in which you will get invaluable insights including:

A. 'Live' online classes with me - lessons, discussions, assignments & Question-Answers

B. Over 50 'secret' techniques, tricks and exercises used by professional singers

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D. Free book

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Watch this video to know more about professional singing:

Since 2003, Anurag has trained thousands of students through his internationally renowned institute 'Musicology'. His students include MTV artists, industry professionals, professional band members & music teachers in India and abroad.

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